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from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. and we are excited to be here today. for try day friday. hi, everybody, hoda and i say hey. it's october 12th. >> it's a very significant day, because it is the eve of the opening. >> i know. ♪ >> is that a song you've heard of? >> stand up, that's the opening number of "scandalous," which miraculously is opening at the neil simon theater tomorrow night for previews on west 52nd
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street. >> can you believe it? >> no. it's surreal. i want to thank all of our crew here. >> we want to show our crew. they decided to deck out. pull it down, all the way down. we only had mediums. only mediums. >> he looks like winnie the pooh. . thanks, you i goes. >> anyways, you can get tickets if you go to >> scandalous >> you do know. you can go there and get the tickets. because it's previews and we're watching it all come together, they are two for one. >> bring a friend, especially if you have a friend that might be hurting a little bit. people seem to find hope in this film, which is great. >> absolutely. >> anyway, hoda, how are you, you're coming? >> saturday night, we're all going to be there with bells on. it's going to be a fun party.
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>> hopefully, i can announce something on monday about how people can have lunch and have a glass of wine with you and i during winesday wednesday coming up. >> anyway, there is something in the social cues column that we found kind of interesting. this is what it was, taryn writes this, i have an uncommon first name. it's often mispronounced or misheard. when clients mispronounce it and keep talking, i never know when to correct them. if i do it immediately, i risk seeming rude. for interrupting. she wants to know if she risks seeming rude. >> be proactive about it to everybody that you meet for the very first time before they start talking, stick out your hand, hi, i'm taryn, it rhymes with karen. >> if it rhymes with something, that's good. what about if it's phil galanos. >> what if it's hoda kotb.
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>> anyway, one time i did a "dateline" interview, one of those long, endless interviews. >> tell us how you really feel. >> the guy interviewing us goes anyway, yoda. he said it and i'm like, well, know what? who cares? he was a name injector, yoda, the interesting thing, yoda. it was too far gone. i can't pull it back in. so i didn't know what to do. >> did you air it? >> no, no, no. we ended up not using that stuff. >> that would be weird. yours is an egyptian name and very common in egypt. it's like susan in egypt. >> hoda like roda. >> or hoe with a "duh." >> i don't think it's funny. i'm a little disappointed that our friends with laughing. these yeah and sarah, they worked on this breast cancer -- donated money to this breast
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cancer organization. we're glad they are with us. please, don't laugh at her jokes. >> one of the ladies there, the lady on the right, is the cousin -- remember i told you so much about my friend yancy, my first love, died of a heart attack almost two years ago, surfer. they are first 'cause inches. and i didn't even realize it. his daughter, abigail spencer, has a big role in the new movie about surfing, "chasing mavericks" or something like that. she's coming on with us. >> oh, good. >> so we're extra delighted to have you with us. please give the family my love. here's our next topic. there's a book out called "wtf: what men are thinking." >> what the foolhardy are thinking. >> they asked a quarter million guys questions, maybe questions we wanted the answers to. here will some of the questions. how long men thought they needed to wait to call after they ask a woman for their phone number. >> this surprised me, they say up to three days.
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they don't want to seem too eager. i never met a man who cared about that. wouldn't ask you for their number, they say, if they really didn't intend on using it. they wouldn't ask you for it if they were not going to actually call. i don't know about that. next one, guys expect a kiss on the first date? >> half said yes, half said no. i think it's better not to. it's tempting on the first date, but it's so much better, i think, when it's the second date, because the anticipation, or the third. >> what if you're on the first date and you can't wait to get out of it and you're dreading the fact he might try to kiss you. have you said i'm out? >> you can give cues, thank you, push him away. >> just like that. what personality traits are most important? >> most men said they want -- >> what did you do? yeah, couple of traits, very interesting. >> easygoing, intelligent, interesting.
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men dislike boring and controlling women the most. >> unless they really -- then they don't mind. how important are my clothes, you want to know. this will surprise you. bobbie thomas knows this. >> 96% of guys said clothes are very important. >> isn't that interesting? >> i think they are important if they are low-cut, they like that, and if you're not in sweats. i don't think they care if you're not in sweats -- >> they say you are what you wear, really? >> i don't think so. >> frank is a track suit now. and that's not fair, because the man is gorgeous. he looks darn good in it i just want him to get a new one. >> he looks great in it. all right, what grosses men out about women. this is important. >> total double standard. >> they don't like when women burp or pass gas. they hate it. they think it's the worst kind of personal hygiene. guys can do it and it's funny. as we found out yesterday, we had one of those webcasting
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videos sara did. there's a guy who's actually selling a pooter. watch how everyone got such a kick out of this guy. >> he sells these things. [ laughter ] >> all day long. >> my favorite is the leg lift. oh, my gosh. sorry, it's so juvenile of him, but let's do it again. >> guys do hate when women do that. >> women who don't wash their hands when they come back from the ladies room. >> another one, dirty talk in bed. >> men love that, apparently. >> men love that. >> that's what the survey says. >> survey says.
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all right, we have a rap on youtube or something like that, where parents who sometimes feel alone. they sort of feel like they were young once, now they have a child in diapers. anyways, we haven't seen it, so let's watch it. ♪ we used to be cool back in the day on the block ♪ ♪ watching pg-13 movies staying up way after dark ♪ then we had a couple shorties now we be rolling with our own little posse ♪ ♪ in the minivan or wagon let me throw it to mom ♪ ♪ i used to dress real cute now i accessorize with food already chewed ♪ ♪ ♪ i walk through the mall trying to wrangle by brood ♪ ♪ dad, dad, he's the guy, never gets tired of playing ♪ ♪ he always pretends he needs another tie ♪ ♪ money doesn't grow on trees,
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why by the cow when the milk is free ♪ ♪ it hurts you as much as it hurts me ♪ ♪ if you want dessert eat another veggie ♪ ♪ >> that is so cute. you can tell they are two people who are absolutely thrilled they have those two children. that's a happy family. but they probably don't live in the most promiscuous cities in the country. >> what kind of a website is this? >> how many sexual partners they've had per year. >> would anybody be honest? 36 1/2. >> they asked their sugar daddy members, so whatever that means. anyway, here they are -- number five -- >> more than seven deemed promiscuous. >> five atlanta, four, oklahoma city. >> oklahoma city? >> yes, happens there too. >> three, las vegas, and birmingham, alabama?
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yes, dear, in the deep south. and number one city is chicago, illinois. >> wow, wow, wow. must be very, very proud. what time is it, hoda? >> time for kathie lee's friday funny. >> i think so. >> all right, a man was concerned about his wife so he took her to the doctor for a physical. after a thorough checkup the man conferred with the doctor and said, what's wrong with my wife? the doctor replied, sir, your wife has acute angina. i know, she's got great knockers too, but what's wrong with her? i thought you'd like that one. >> that was a good one. that was for the boys too. >> my mother has acute angina, i told her that joke the other day and she howled. what's wrong with you people? >> it is time for our girl bobbie thomas. who's coming to "scandalous" on saturday. >> bobbie, we are giving you hello kitty for president.
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>> much better choice than what we have. i will tell you. >> hello kitty fan. >> you're always giving us stuff. >> we love you. >> beauty is inside and out, so for your inner movie star, marilyn monroe is a new collection from mac and this is awesome. they have meticulously researched her colors she used to wear and have come up with beautiful packaging, really cool stuff. this her legendary powder. really cool stuff. that's beautiful, bobbie. >> and for your inner rock star, fergie is a childhood friend of mine, when we were younger, she was in the drugstore picking up the dollar lipsticks from wet and wild. so she has a new collection from wet and wild that's really cool. the nail polishes are out now, but this is a sneak peek of what's coming out in january. so we're the first look. we get to see all your colors. then for your inner child, disney has teamed up with
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sephora with a collection of fairytale-like colors and perfume and this compass compact that is so precious. i love this. >> little girls will go crazy for this. >> everything is on >> thank you, bobbie. hello kitty for president. we have a tri-day drink. zadini being served -- god bless you -- during new york city's wine and food festival 50th year food party. >> moscato rose and mango juice, easy. >> what's the point? alcohol is the point. the show may be over, guess what, week two desperate housewives separately today. still going strong. >> they are both fighting for a good cause. right after this. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant.
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actress marcia cross is best known for bree on the hit series "desperate housewives." >> now that it has ended, marcia has taken on global ambassador at global international to end a cycle of poverty for children. >> we're so happy you're with us today. >> hello how are you? >> drop-dead gorgeous. >> certainly do. >> because you're staying home with the kids and working for this wonderful organization? >> no, i'm not getting more sleep, somehow getting up with the kids is almost as -- >> hardest job in the world. >> why are you getting up, got to get me ready, them ready, breakfast, get them out the door. >> how old are they now? >> five and a half. going to kindergarten. >> that must be fun, huh? >> so cute. they're so sweet. >> how is life with "desperate housewives" in the rearview mirror now? >> you know, i actually am glad it's in the rearview mirror, because i was exhausted. maybe if i could take a year or two off and then go back to work, it would be okay. because i had my girls during the show, little bout with cancer with my husband during the show.
2:21 am
you know, so it was a lot. i'm glad to slow it down a bit. >> that's the irony, isn't it, you get into acting because you want to play different roles, then you're in a hit series, playing the same character, at the same time you're in a hit so you have all that security but you have no other life. about 16 hours a day or something, isn't it? >> i think if you don't have kids and you're younger, it's great. you can just collapse on your days off and rest. >> no collapsing. >> eva was on a plane every other minute, but i wouldn't trade it. >> she still is. she's living a good life right now. >> you've been sinking your time and energies into this terrific organization that touches so close to your heart, doesn't it? >> the organization is called plan usa. i sponsored a child with them years and years ago and did a public service announcement for them. i said nobody knows about them. i would be happy to help you in any way i can, but not until the show's over. >> you knew what the commitment would be.
2:22 am
>> the minute it was over, they were at my house saying where do you want to go, we want you to see what we do. i went to india over the summer. >> had you been before? >> never. >> what was it like? >> amazing. i went scared i'd see so much poverty and suffering that i'd be overwhelmed. but the truth is, i saw what can happen when you actually care about people and you work with an organization that lives are changed, that these girls are given opportunities they never would have if not for plan. >> you adopt a child you'll probably never meet, but they keep you up to date on the progress of the child. >> tell you what's happening in the community. >> like world vision international which a lot of people know about. it's that same type of thing. >> they are just fantastic. and yesterday was the first international day of the girl, and they have an initiative called "because i am a girl campaign. if you go to, you can read all about it, don't have to
2:23 am
buy anything just go and learn about girls all over the world. it's phenomenal. >> your girls, they know what you're up to, do they understand this whole concept? >> they do. i'm dosing in timing, don't want to say the world is unfair, girls are raped and tortured and working at ten years old. you have to slow it down. i'm trying to give them a little bit of an idea of the rest of the world. we've adopted five more children. and i want them to be connected, you know, with other people, so they grow up in a world they care about others, not just next door, but all around the world. >> it's the greatest gift you can give your children, compassion for others. your children are going to grow up blessed, privileged. greatest blessing in life is when you can pass it on. >> you're gorgeous. . you certainly are. >> you give red heads a real good name. thanks for the wonderful work you're doing. all right, kathie lee, sara is rounding up people across the street with questions for us. >> bring her here. bring her here. >> back after this. 5-hour energy?
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5-hour energy supports the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. so i can get the energized feeling i need and support a great cause? i'm sold. pink lemonade 5-hour energy? ah and a portion of every sale goes to the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. i'm sold. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy. get the alert, energized feeling you need and support breast cancer research and access to care.
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it is time for three, two, one live with sara haines hanging out with the crowd at the nbc experience store. >> what do you got, we're ready. >> first up, greer from north carolina. what's your question for the ladies? >> okay, kathie lee, i know you and frank have been married for over 20 years. it's my adorable husband and my ten-year anniversary. how do we keep the spark alive? >> spend as much time apart as possible and make sure he changes his track suit once in awhile. you know what, be each other's best friend. your children are going to end up gone some day and living their own lives. stay keep liking each other. it's so important, because you're going to end up together, hopefully. it's got to be with your best friend. >> that's the plan, thank you. >> happy anniversary. >> happy anniversary. next up we have patty from tennessee. >> hi, kathie lee and hoda. >> hi!
2:29 am
>> these are my sisters and we're here from outside of knoxville, tennessee, and we were wondering what your favorite part about our state and if you are coming back to visit us. >> we had so much fun at u.t. >> what was your favorite part? >> i love the warm embrace. i don't know when we've been hugged by so many strangers and embraced and loved. you put out the red carpet for us, and we loved it. >> we were surprised. we thought it would just be college kids. >> one lady well into her 70s, people brought their babies, it was like a big americana picnic. it's a beautiful part of the country and we're grateful. won't be coming back real soon because we got to spread the love a little, if you know what i mean. we have a lot of people angry with us we didn't go to their state. we're going to have to make a worldwide tour. >> great. >> thank you, ladies, have fun in new york. >> one more quick one, sara. >> shirley from tennessee. >> no, michigan. >> kidding, michigan. >> yes, i'm here with my
2:30 am
roommate from 46 years ago and we just wondered if you get together with your ex-roommates and if you do anything, see them? >> i see my old college friends occasionally. i was voted the messiest person on my dorm. >> imagine that. so my room nate doesn't speak to me. >> imagine that. >> thank you, ladies. >> my dear friend lives in auburn, jantina, roommate, singing group. from oral roberts university. so yes, we do. >> thanks, ladies. >> my friend karen fisher in youngstown, ohio. james denton is going to talk about a worthy cause.
2:31 am
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today's style is brought to you by dsw. it's where you get those shoes. we are back on this friday with today's style and the best in blue jeans. the folks at people style watch tried on over 500 pairs of denim jeans.
2:33 am
in search of the perfect fit for everybody >> everyone's looking for this. here with some of the winners is the fashion director of "people" style watch. >> kate, happy fall. wow, so glad you did this. how many times did we try on jeans after jeans after jeans and not found the right one? . >> there are so many great brands out there right now but you have to know what to look for. >> what was your criteria? >> really focused on fit. that's the most important thing. you know, a lot of brands that aren't super expensive are doing jeans that fit really well. >> comfortable, then? >> comfortable and look good on different body types. >> start with the winner. curvy girl named jillian. >> we went for this kim kardashian was our inspiration, that perfect curvy figure. these jeans are from levi for $27. >> wow. >> fantastic. why this jean is so good on jillian's curvy figure is it's a higher rise, accenting the smaller waist. >> don't get the little muffin thing. >> exactly, but have more width
2:34 am
at the bottom towards the hem to balance it out. the dark wash is a good idea and a little bit of stretch. just hug those curves. >> and the price is right. >> available at target. >> excellent. >> thanks, darling. >> thank you. >> if you are petite and you are lucky enough to look like chloe. >> exactly. or rachel bill son who was our celebrity inspiration. these jeans are from a/x. they are $98 and specifically meant for petite figure. they have a shorter inseam and that's important to look for. now jeans are available for tall body types, shorter, find the ones proportioned for you. why these are so great on chloe, the darker wash elongates her leg. again, it's meant for her body type. chloe, can you give us a little spin? >> the pocket in the back. >> you have a smaller pocket if you're petite. so these are perfect for chloe.
2:35 am
>> thank you, sweetie. for girls plus sized, we have amanda coming out. >> great jeans out there for every body type, so we love these jeans from lucky brand. they are specifically for plus sized. they are $99. again, a little bit of a higher rise. and we always believe that boot cut, when in doubt, boot cut is the way to go. >> why? >> it flatters every body type. it's interesting. why these are so good on amanda. >> elongates. she can wear a high heel and create a long silhouette. >> what's the price on those? >> $99. we wanted to focus on jeans under $100. >> thanks, amanda. next up for tall gals, lauren coming out. >> these are the rock star jeans for a reason. we took cameron diaz as our inspiration for this. old navy, $34. amazing, right? again, this is a jean that's
2:36 am
specifically meant for somebody who's taller. she doesn't have to feel she's always wearing crop jeans. the inseam really fits her. the lighter wash is better if you're taller, actually. it helps with the proportion. >> she looks great. >> thank you. >> thank you, lauren. all right, and we have dara coming out next. >> you know at "people style watch" we see a million photos with celebrities in jeans. turns out every celebrity is loving current elliot. we research what's the hottest jeans with celebrities from kate bosworth to rachel bilson. >> is that because it's like an animal print on it? >> all the celebrities and everybody is loving print jeans right now. print and color. again, current elliot, these are about $200, more of an investment. but the hot brand of the moment. >> love it. >> ladies, come on out. >> thank you, kate. >> nice job, thanks for doing the work to us. congratulations to all the winners. actor james denton is fighting the good fight with warriors in pink. >> he's with us after this. we'll be right back. so anyway, i've been to a lot of places.
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anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'. a october is breast cancer
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awareness month, and ford warriors in pink is showing their support by celebrating breast cancer survivors with its models of courage campaign. >> actor james denton is here with two breast cancer survivors, natalie young and nicole. welcome, everybody. >> thanks for having us. >> this is very close to home for you, right, james? >> yeah, and the more you talk about breast cancer, you realize how universal it is, friend or family. my wife's sister was diagnosed in december, and we started looking for some kind of a 501 that would help people with financial aid or something because they lost her income. >> lost her job. >> yeah, she was in nursing school. so we found the pink fund, which does just that. they help people financially on a short-term basis while they are in active treatment pay their bills and stuff like that. it's a great idea. >> natalie, how are ya? >> good, thank you. >> you're, obviously, very young. that kind of a diagnosis must
2:42 am
have been like such a hammer when you heard it. >> it was a shock, 28 years old. taking a shower, i was actually the healthiest i'd been since high school. >> you're an athlete. >> i was working out, i was healthy. i'm 28 years old, no family history of it. >> how smart of you to realize something was wrong with you. >> i noticed it, and i had a nudge from my husband to go get it checked out. my personality was to watch it. he was the one who got me in the doctor's office the same day i found it. >> how are you feeling today? >> i'm great. >> you went on to have a -- >> double mastectomy and went through chemo. >> nicole, for you i know chemo was something you feared. the weird thing about breast cancer, you don't really feel sick. you feel fine. it seems weird. everybody's looking at you funny, but chemo can make you sick. >> chemo, for me, is what made the whole breast cancer experience seem real with your hair falling out. not that i was trying to hide it
2:43 am
from everyone. but you can't hide it when your hair false out. everyone knows. >> you loved your -- >> i had long hair, loved my hair, it was a security blanket of sorts. so losing it and not having a choice in the matter or say in yes, i want to get it cut short, no, i don't, it was tough. it was hard to do that. >> you were blogging about it growing back, which is a nice way of it healing too. >> it's beautiful. >> thank you. it was what i was dreading most. i started a blog to take pictures every week to show myself i was making progress and my hair was coming back. it's helped tremendously. i can look back, even now i feel my hair is stuck and not growing, i can look back, oh, wow, it's grown quite a bit. >> i bet you've probably learned through the whole thing your hair doesn't define you, your character does. >> exactly. my hair does not define me. i've learned through the whole cancer experience, i have such a great support system and friends and family that love and support me through everything. >> james, it must be great to meet all these terrific women, huh? >> it really is fantastic. that's what my sister-in-law
2:44 am
found, the more you talk about it, there used to be a stigma of losing your hair, wearing a scarf and made them feel less than. but the more you talk about it, people see it as a badge of honor. and they pull for you, know you're fighting the fight. the more people talk about it, the more likely they are to get treatment and educated. >> the more you feel you're not alone. >> did your mom pass from breast cancer ten years ago? >> perfect example of somebody who didn't know. it was fear for her. she was really intelligent. had her master's from vanderbilt. she wasn't somebody who didn't know things, but cancer terrified her. she found a lump. her mom had a bad chemo experience 20 years before, so she decided if it's cancer i'm not going to do anything about it and not going to tell anybody. we found out, it was too late. that was a matter of people not knowing enough about it. >> early detection. >> it is, it is. james, thanks. >> ladies, thank you. >> that t-shirt is hot. >> excellent on you. >> well, thank you. ford cares. thank god for ford doing this
2:45 am
campaign. all the money goes to breast cancer. >> for a guy who doesn't work out since "desperate housewives" you're hanging in there really well, honey. is there a goblin in your house? >> halloween gadgets and gear right after this. good morning. i'm meteorologist crystal egger with the weather channel and your forecast for the weekend and next week. today is a very big forecast, a very big day of weather. you want to pay attention if you're in the central part of the country. any area in red is where we expect severe weather. from the upper midwest all the way into the southern plains, in the zone there's a lot of college football games. so find a way to be notified about severe weather while you're out and about we could see tornadoes here. we have a torcon of five. pretty high for this time of year in central oklahoma.
2:46 am
showers moving across the ohio valley as we get into sunday. this will eventually push for the east. temperatures later today, 65 in billings, 77 at louisville. here's our storm on the move. remember this started out in southern california earlier in the week. now it's going to bring rain across the ohio valley back into louisiana and texas. so a far-reaching storm, widespread weather impacts, not a severe sunday but we can't rule out some isolated severe storms. remember it just takes one in your neighborhood. 70 degrees in new york city on sunday. not too bad of a day. it's going to be warmer than saturday. 72 in louisville, warming up to 70 in denver. rockies clearing out nicely for much of the weekend. early next week we still have showers across the east. 71 in boston. look at rain moving in by the evening. unsettled weather still in the pacific northwest a series of storms moving in for western washington, oregon, into idaho and montana. but drying out through the middle of the country.
2:47 am
and that storm will race to the east by wednesday. so the middle of the country across the high plains and the upper midwest looking at some rain there. 72 in louisville. and we'll be in the chilly 50s here across new york city by the middle of the week. remember you can wake up with al and stephanie weekday mornings on the weather channel at 6:00 a.m. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy? 5-hour energy supports the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. so i can get the energized feeling i need and support a great cause? i'm sold. pink lemonade 5-hour energy? yeah and a portion of every sale goes to the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. i'm sold. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy. get the alert, energized feeling you need and support breast cancer research and access to care.
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2:49 am
now on happy halloween today, a collection of some kooky, fun gadgets and novelty items for your spooky celebration. >> scaring up these goodies is our favorite tech guy, steve greenburg. >> what's up with the ears? >> i can talk about it first. >> no, no, heaven forbid. >> save it, save it. look dorky until you tell us about it. >> first, a fog machine. can't have a halloween party without it. >> not around hoda. stop it. >> is it like humidity? >> no, no, no, it's not. i'm sure. >> i don't know if i believe you.
2:50 am
>> cool lighting, got to have cool smoke. i'm going to turn it off. it's about $140. got to use a special liquid for it. >> it's not toxic, please, tell me. >> absolutely not, it's safe. next, this is from a company called -- >> only because they were there. >> company called necomimi. it is hardwired to your brain, use your brain wave. there's a little sensor right here hooked to my ear. it goes with your emotions. i'm alert, it goes up. sleepy, it goes down. >> your ears go down? >> are you kidding? >> up right now, doing a show with beautiful women. >> calm down. calm down. >> do they calm down? i'm too excited. okay. and you can also get them in the devil horn version as well. i'm going to pull them off right now. next, these are tongue tattoos. i think you should try them out. >> no, thank you. >> put them on your tongue for two seconds, pull them off. >> how long do they last? >> five minutes. >> somebody has a hot date.
2:51 am
and -- >> there's -- >> what's more attractive than that? >> tongue tattoo. >> kids will love that. >> glow in the dark toilet paper. oh, very scary. you can make great mummies out of it, as well. very cool. >> my eyesight, i could appreciate that in the middle of the night. . a talking toilet paper roll. i like that. good purpose for that. talking toilet paper roll. other stuff from a company called next for a party, caramel apple, caramel apple maker. it's fun. kids can get involved in it. don't have to be at the top of the stove, easy to do. dip them in here, roll them around. >> it's not hot enough. >> you get the idea. >> mr. tech guy. >> i'm not -- >> making it work.
2:52 am
>> oh, nasty. i like it, though. >> nasty. >> what's wrong with you? >> took off those ears, really. >> this is indoor, flameless marshmallow roaster. >> this is genius. you can make smores or whatever you want, but don't have to have burning fire. >> i don't see it. >> don't have time. next, bryce over here. >> look, bryce, so glad bryce is here. >> bryce is wearing scrub gloves. these are halloween gloves designed for cleaning outside and inside the pumpkin. >> that's a messy job. >> it is a messy job. they're also washing machine safe. >> eww! >> very scary, very scary. >> thank you, sweetie. from >> web caster gun. easy to do. >> shoot it? >> add spider webs to your motif at your party. >> is it easy to clean up? you know what i mean. >> might be a little tricky to
2:53 am
clean up. i did it in my house, it's a little messy. from these are light suits, you can actually wear these suits. i don't know how these show on television, but put these on, and you can get a little creativity there, get glasses, thing on your head. it's a neat way to go. creative. it's about $25. >> walking around, it will make the kids show up if there's traffic. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> thank you. happy halloween. >> you, the little girl with the big voice. >> jackie evancho performs a song for us. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ 2@
2:54 am
2:55 am
2:56 am
♪ the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. at just 10 years old, jackie evancho wowed the world on the way to a second-place finish on "america's got talent." >> today she's out with her third studio album, "songs from the silver screen." >> here's jackie evancho. have a fabulous weekend, everyone. see you at "scandalous" saturday night. bye, everyone. ♪
2:57 am
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